- mini-ITX computer solutions is a subsidiary of Ituner Networks Corp.
Mini-box specializes in small form factor computer, embedded operating systems and mini-itx power supplies for a wide range of applications.
Introducing picoPSU-120, world's tiniest 12V DC-DC ATX power supply unit (PSU).
Mini-Box systems iMedia MythTV Linux - Free Download
Audio and Video Encoders and Servers
Ituner develops and markets Internet streaming media systems designed to make the deployment of audio and video applications quick, easy and affordable.  Read more
Audio Encoders & Servers

 Video Encoders & Servers

The MediaBox AS-2608 is an embedded streaming server capable of encoding from 8 different inputs of high quality audio through broadband networks at various stream rates in multiple formats: MPEG4, Real, MP3, Vorbis and QTSS.

Spectra 8 video capture card Multi-input (4/8), high-performance video capture card designed for video streaming, corporate communication and video surveillance. Read more




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